Dodd Volleyball School Indoor and Beach

DVS offers indoor and beach classes for 2-6th grade boys and girls.

Three indoor sessions, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Camp (Manhattan Beach, Martyrs Gym)

Three beach sessions, Fall, Spring and Summer Camp (Manhattan Beach pier)

Give your child the gift of correct fundamentals. Taught by USA Jr. National team coach and MBsand Club Director Patty Dodd. Perfect for players who want to learn or polish their fundamentals, footwork and improve their game in a positive environment. Class is designed to give the child as many quality repetitions with quality feedback. Competitive drills make it FUN!

After DVS…. next is MBsand Volleyball Club 

MBsand offers four training sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer) for boys and girls 10-17 yrs-old.  Our philosophy at MBsand is to teach fundamentals correctly in a positive environment that will foster growth and love for beach volleyball. We prepare players to learn the fundamentals, think for themselves and strive to not only the best player they can be but to be the best partner as well! All practices are south of MB pier. Pay as you go program, no long term commitments. More details regarding fees, visit
Patty Dodd is currently a USAV Jr. National Team Coach, she has worked with U26, U23, U21 men and women, U13 girls, U15 girls and U17 boys and girls, all A-1 Divisions.  Patty is an inspirational, successful athlete as a two-time All-American Volleyball player at UCLA, Colombian National team, 2 time MLV Champion, 16 years successful Professional Beach Volleyball in WPVA and AVP including 15 Open wins.  As a recently retired teacher from American Martyrs, Patty is also beloved by her students and has a natural teaching style that allows young athletes to grow and mature not only as athletes, but as individuals.
 Please email or call if you have any questions,
 Patty Dodd  310 227 6628,



We also wanted to share with you how positively impressed we were with Sebastian’s improvements on the court. His hand setting is amazing, his serves, and all around skills. His enthusiasm and interest for beach volleyball grew significantly as well as meeting and making new friends. His appreciation for beach volleyball has reached a higher level and we thank you for your contribution and for making a difference.
Sebastian Sr. and Paula Roca, Jr. National USAV -U17 team
I am grateful for your approach in coaching. This is a new sport for Zoe and your patience and constant support is a blessing to watch. She’s been at indoor camps and clinics where the coaches embarrass and shame at times so I know Zoe appreciates learning from you.
Shelley Kira, MBsand mom-2017
Thanks for your outstanding coaching. Matt is really enjoying the practices.
Steve Yoshimoto, Jr. National USAV -U17 team
Grace is so fortunate to have had you as a coach for 4 years. She always tells me that she learns so much more from you. Beyond the volleyball she respects you and looks up to you and wants to continue to improve because of the foundation you gave her, both physically and emotionally. I know I’m getting sappy, but it’s true, I can’t thank you enough for caring about Grace.
Patrice Campbell, American Martyrs Volleyball team
Thank you for everything you have done for me over my entire volleyball AMS experience. Under your coaching I have become a better player and person. I will miss you.
Zana Muno, Scholarship athlete UCLA Fall 2015
It’s amazing what an impact your contact had made for Madi’s recruiting process! We just wanted to let you know that Madi accepted the offer to Cal today!  She is so pumped and feels so blessed to have this opportunity to play sand volleyball in college. We thank you so much for your friendship and kindness in helping Madi through the recruiting process.
Dueck Family, UC Berkeley 2016
Since the first day of practice, Giselle fell in love with volleyball.  She was eager to learn more about the sport.  Patty encouraged Giselle to try sand.  Giselle was hesitant because she was just starting out, but what convinced her to try was how Patty approaches her teaching.  Patty Dodd definitely has the background and the expertise about the sport, but  what Giselle cherished the most is the sincerity that Patty posses in teaching, the compassion that she shows all her students, her patience, the drive she puts in you and her commitment on making you better.  Patty and all the coaches go out the way to provide the level of instruction catered to your athlete.  They challenge the more experienced players, while keeping the less experienced players engaged and driven.  As parents,  we appreciate Patty not only for coaching Giselle in volleyball but also for providing life lessons – which is the most important part!   The work ethic of the other coaches – Coach Sterling and Coach Tracy is tremendous!  Thank you to MBSand!
Joane Groe, DVS and MBsand mom, 2016